Types of Safety Boots

Many industries put emphasis on safety for many reasons. It is for this reason that all employees and stakeholders are provided with PPE (personal protective equipment). Each protective gear is designed to meet the safety standards of that specific job site. The most common type of safety equipment is safety boots. This piece takes a brief look at types of safety boots and where they are used.

Shock/Electric Hazard Boots

People who work with electricity are given these boots as part of their PPE. They are made from insulating materials such as rubber, to enable them to withstand electrical shock. In the event that an accident happens on the job site; people wearing these boots will have a lesser chance of getting electrocuted when they become exposed to high/ dangerous voltage.

Safety Toed Boots

This is a normal safety boot by design. However, the front end has a reinforced metal cap that protects the toes. They are made for people who work in unpredictable job sites, where accidents are mostly inevitable. For instance; people who pack bricks on trucks wear these shoes. Bricks fall all the time; either from the trailer or forklift. So, they will significantly reduce your chances of getting your toes smashed by bricks when they fall.

Metatarsal Safety Boots

The major difference between these boots and others is their distinctive “above-ankle” design. They are made in a way that protects your foot, ankle and lower leg. They are perfect for working in job sites that have low lying objects such as metal sheets in a manufacturing factory. Because they are mostly packed so low, it is easy to trip over them. The most common place of injury will be the ankle or lower leg.

The link below will give you an extended version of what is being discussed above, and provide with more designs.

Remember to make safety a priority in any work environment. Many people become injured or killed on job sites because they overlook safety regulations. Find out which types of safety boots are suitable for your working place, wear them every time, and live to work another day.

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