The American Dream Essay

Your American dream essay is one that can very well make or break you during the admissions process. The idea needs to be described and elaborately explained. In addition to this, you also need to explain the American dream notion very briefly. So here’s an American dream essay tip for you – always start by describing your ideal American dream.

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“I would like to be an American citizen and have freedom to travel around the world and to be able to pursue my dreams without fear of taxation or penalties.” This is how you begin a wonderful American dream statement. Just make sure that you give ample credit to the US education system for making you what you are right now. That said, you can also include some accomplishments in your academic career as well. For example, in your third or fourth year as a student, you may have made some contributions to social issues, or you may have worked on some important labor issues for the betterment of the American people or the country as a whole. Additional info found at

Another excellent American dream essay topic is “Why I am a United States Citizen.” As previously mentioned, you need to state why you are a United States Citizen. Some obvious answers to this question are “being a citizen of the greatest nation” or “standing up for what is right.” Other good topics to discuss are “the great American experiment,” “why America is the greatest nation ever created in all the history of mankind,” “my fight to help children around the world,” “the benefits of working in America,” and “the fight for social equity.” There are countless other topics that you can write about, but these are some of the most popular.

“My four words are honesty, integrity, forthrightness, and commitment.” This is an excellent list of topics for your American dream story, especially if you’re an honest, forthright person who wants to be a good honest salesman. An easy way to incorporate these four words into your writing is to use them in your sales letter or ad.

“The American dream is a reality that has made many people very wealthy.” This statement is incredibly powerful because it basically says that the American culture is built upon success. The more you can show your audience that the success of this nation is not only based upon wealth, but also upon the number of selfless sacrifices that individuals have made along the way, the more you can show them how American success is intertwined with happiness. To further illustrate this point, just think of all the people who have given up everything for this great country and how rich they have become. Just think about all the soldiers that sacrificed their lives for the safety of their country.

“In order to experience American success you must stay true to your American dream.” Again, this is extremely powerful advice because once you understand that you must live the American Dream, you will understand why so many Americans continue to strive for success and why they continue to put in the effort. A great American Dream essay does not have to be lengthy, if it is well-written, but must be well-organized and extremely convincing. It is not necessary to write a whole document, but to draft a few well-written sections is generally enough to demonstrate the wisdom of the American people. Once you have finished writing your essay, it should stand on its own, making you feel proud of the accomplishment you have accomplished.

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